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September 23 2022 A Glorious Defiance: the Return of Fridays For Future

     On this day the young people doomed to inherit the future have chosen to seize their power to shape it; the glorious defiance of the death sentence of humankind handed down from elite hegemonies of wealth, power, and privilege in a Faustian bargain has once more erupted throughout the world in the return of Fridays For Future.

     As I have written many times, one consequence of the Pandemic was highly useful to elite interests and their carceral states of force and control; it stopped the three social movements which threatened them with transformative change, #metoo, Fridays For Future, and Black Lives Matter.

    But now like the dinosaurs set free to roam from their prisons in amber in the film Jurassic Park, we who create the wealth others enjoy can once again run amok and be ungovernable as co-owners of our nation as a free society of equals, and enact the reimagination and transformation of ourselves and our civilization.

     Let us free ourselves from our enslavement and looming species extinction, and bring change to the three systems of unequal power and terror in which we are caught like Charlie Chaplin in The Factory; patriarchy, capitalism, and racism.

     As written on the website of the movement; ON SEPTEMBER 23RD, WE WILL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE REPARATIONS AND JUSTICE!

     Join us for the Global Climate Strike as we demand policymakers and world leaders to prioritize #PeopleNotProfit! We demand that our Governments listen to MAPA voices and immediately work to provide Loss & Damage Finance to the communities most affected by the climate crisis.



     Not as charity, but as a transformative justice process in which political power will return to the people.

     This should not be in the form of loans, but a follow through on the demands from Indigenous, black, anti-patriarchal and diverse marginalized communities to get their lands back, giving resources to the most affected communities by the climate crisis for adaptation, loss and damages – a redistribution (and in most cases, collectivization) of wealth, technology, information, care work, and political power both from the north to the south, and from top to bottom.


     Climate struggle is class struggle, for years, the ruling class, primarily through corporations and governments from the Global North dominated by affluent, white, heterosexual cis-males, have exercised their power, gained through colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and exploitation, to destroy the earth and its occupants with no remorse.

     They deliberately sacrifice the Global South’s ecosystems and peoples for the sake of their so-called “development” and everlasting “economic growth”. Meanwhile, the working class is used as tools to build the very system that is destroying them.


     Colonizers and capitalists are at the core of every system of oppression that has caused the climate crisis, and decolonization, using the tool of climate reparations, is the best kind of climate action.

     The richest capitalist 1%,must be held responsible for their actions and willful ignorance. Their profit is our death. Their profit is our suffering.

     Together with different sectors of society across the world, led by the most marginalized, let’s bring back the power to the people whose power has been stolen. Together, let’s build a system and home where we prioritize #PeopleNotProfit.


     Why should we study so we can do great things later, when the time for greatness, for action, is now? Humans created this crisis, so humans have to stop it – or face global destruction. Already, we see heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods and 200 species are disappearing every day from the face of the earth, never to return.”

I love you, California film by Fridays For Future

Join Fridays For Future on the official website

Charlie Chaplin in The Factory


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