October 31 2019 Of Witches and Seizures of Power

As the gates of the Labyrinth of Dreams open and beckon us hither, into wonder and into sublime realms of inchoate passion and authentic being, beyond the boundaries of the Forbidden whose transgression confers self ownership and power,

     As the wheel of time spins round again to its quarterly setting point and enfolds and liberates us from history, memory, and the tyranny of other people, and by its recursion of the Great Trick exchanges the masks others have shaped for us and restores to us the masks we make for ourselves,

     As the image of the world is destroyed and recreated anew in the abyssal not-space of infinite possibilities, between the tipping of the vessel and the drop from which it falls wherein miracles are born and truths are chosen and revealed, limitless iterations of universes and of futures springing from Pandora’s Box of paradoxes like an endless circle of dancing Schrodinger’s Cats, and the sacred fire lances through the heavens to illuminate and awaken us,

    So do I summon and conjure by its secret names, (speak here that which you claim as your own and which in turn claims you, in whatever language you may dream and by such signs as the Infinite calls to you), so do I claim the power to be whomever I choose, and to pursue the destiny I have chosen in total freedom as a bearer of the mantle of Invictus, and by this do I invoke and declare; I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

October 30 2019 Belling the Cat; how the nations who own American debt can bring down our rogue government, or: in case of second term, break glass

     No more horrific possibility for our immediate future exists than that of a second term of Trump as our President, yet the internal divisions within the Democratic Party must call into question the possibility of presenting a unified front against the criminal Republican regime and the inevitability of their defeat. If Trump wins a second term, who will bell the cat?

     As we enter a 2020 election campaign with all of the wealth and power of the Democratic Party on the side of its collaborationist faction represented by Joe Biden, who hides his true face as George Wallace beneath his mask, perpetrator of the Anita Hill injustice, mobilization of white supremacists to defend racial segregation, the disastrous invasion of Iraq on bogus pretexts, who gives superficial acquiescence and opposition in fact to women’s reproductive rights, the Green New Deal, and universal health care, and countless other subversions of America as a free society of equals, while the champions of Democratic Socialism led by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in fact have won the majority of the Party’s loyalty and signal the direction of our future, and facing the intact cabal of the Republican white supremacist terrorists and Gideonite fundamentalist patriarchs who elected Trump with the money of plutocrats and the influence of Russia giving life to their bizarre ideologies of exclusionary fascist hate, we must consider our fallback position should we once again suffer a stolen election.

     To this end I call your attention to the proposals of  Samanth Subramanian writing in Huffpost, which follows Thomas Biersteker’s model of sanctions and describes how the nations who own America’s debt can bring down our rogue government. He has entitled it, What if the World Treated the U.S. Like a Rogue State? I refer to this idea as, In Case of Second Term, Break Glass.


     Of course we are now immeasurably better off than I had originally hoped after the Stolen Election of 2016; I was convinced Trump would start a race war as envisioned by his role model Charles Manson, call in a Russian occupation force to restore order, declare a perpetual state of emergency and suspend the Constitution, and rule as tyrant of the Fourth Reich. But these are goals Trump and the Republican Party could still achieve, unless they are met with unyielding Resistance and an indivisible electorate who will use the power of the vote to defend our liberty.  

October 29 2019 Victory in Lebanon as Prime Minister Hariri resigns and the second front of the democracy revolution in Iraq becomes a war of resistance

      Victory in Lebanon as a principal demand of the protestors is met and Prime Minister Hariri resigns; this as the government of Iraq discredits itself through repression by firing on the crowds of what had been a nonviolent civil disobedience movement, shooting 800 of their own citizens and shifting the protests in Baghdad into the stage of revolutionary struggle.  

     The driving force of the revolution in both Lebanon and Iraq, the reason masses of protestors have taken the streets in historic numbers to seize their governments and their destiny, remains the inability of the average citizen to survive in conditions of austerity and the endemic and pervasive corruption and nepotism of plutocratic elites. Symptoms of the global failure of capitalism which connects the many revolutions of this the Year of the Reckoning, there is a secondary cause in the linked movements in Lebanon and Iraq which truly make them two fronts of the same revolution.  

     Both arenas of the antisectarian democracy revolution have a strong element of anti-Hezbollah sentiment; the regional movement can be read as one of national liberation from the malign influence of Iran. This is a vital geopolitical development at a time when secular democracy activists are openly defying the theocratic and patriarchal rule of the mullahs in Iran itself, and the Iranian conquest of the Arabian Peninsula has stalled and foundered in Yemen.

     Now is the moment of opportunity in which the free nations of the world must stand with our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen to help as they liberate themselves from the tyranny and terror of church and state. As Lebanon forges a new nation and the protests in Iraq become a war of resistance, as Iran awakens to the possibilities of freedom and the people of Yemen suffer under the hammer of a destructive proxy war, let us help bring peace, freedom, and equality of wealth to the region and sovereignties of liberty, equality, and fraternity to her peoples.




October 28 2019 Trump and al-Baghdadi: parallel lives and reflections

     The personal and historical forces which create tyrants and monsters among us have been a lifelong study of mine, aspects of a curiosity regarding the origins and nature of evil born of Jerzy Kosinski’s novel The Painted Bird and focused by the classic study of Adolf Hitler from his speeches and writings, The Psychopathic God by Robert G. L. Waite, both of which I read as a junior in high school. Thus I became fascinated by the intersections of literature, philosophy, history, and psychology.

    As the world celebrates the death of al-Baghdadi, both tyrant and monster, and Trump claims credit in this the sole victory of his administration, as if for the trophy head of some dangerous beast shot by a guide while enjoying cocktails at the hunting camp, it may be interesting to compare the parallel lives, methods, and goals of Trump and al-Baghdadi.  

      A full psychological and historical study of al-Baghdadi in the context of civilizational conflicts would require a book of Biblical proportions and thesis-level scholarship such as Waite’s brilliant work on Hitler. Here I note only some of the obvious alignments and congruences; both Trump and al-Baghdadi are megalomaniacs and psychopaths who seized power through manipulation of those who perceived themselves as victims and readily dehumanized others to change their status, using disruption of norms and a reimagination of reality through lies and misdirects to shape history, and enacted regimes of state terror and campaigns of religious and ethnic cleansing and of patriarchal misogyny and sexual violence against women.    

     Of Trump we have a cornucopia of information; as I wrote in my post of August 7 2019 comparing Trump and Hitler:

     Dr Justin Frank’s book Trump on the Couch is an excellent resource, particularly illuminating on Trump’s erotic relationship with his daughter, the fantasies of violence and power which are rooted in his childhood relationship with his tyrannical and abusive father, and his inability to love or empathize with others as a result of his abandonment by his mother.

      Pathological lies, poor impulse control, and grandiose fantasies and delusions complete the picture of a narcissistic personality and psychopathic predator. Trump cannot distinguish truth from lies and delusions; his madness and childlike feeble mindedness, the tantrums and psychotic rages, the bullying and narcissism of a spoiled brat, does not however absolve him of responsibility for his actions, or those of the treasonous cabal of sex predators and fascists he has gathered around him.

     How Trump’s particular madness is expressed in our national policy is a horror which can described with precision; his fear of contamination and faecal fixation translate into his signature campaign against nonwhite others and a policy of ethnic cleansing and racist state terror, his misogyny into a patriarchal wave of legal disempowerment of women’s reproductive rights, his fragile ego,  identity confusion, and need for attention into a governance of Nuremberg-like rallies, the cultivation of despicable autocrats, and the obsessive vengeance against anyone who refuses to offer adoration and submission.

     Above all what unites Trump, Hitler, and al-Baghdadi, as monsters and tyrants who reflect one another and as parallel figures and historical forces is the theory of politics as theatre of cruelty and government as performance art.    

     For their performances of leadership as clowns of terror and madness provide mirror opposite images of the reign of the Roman Emperor described with wit and guile by Antonin Artaud in his great novel Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist, a figure who disrupted norms as an agent of change and chaos to transform an inert and ossified society, whereas Trump and al-Baghdadi have acted as partners in reaction to return us to a pre-democratic civilization.

     Trump claims to have killed his dark reflection and shadow self by his spurious arrogation of a victory won by our intelligence and military services; but history will always see this second face behind his mask, a secret twin he bears into eternity, a face of power and twisted desires unrestrained by the laws and values of a democratic civilization and a free society of equals: the face of Trump’s heart of darkness, al-Baghdadi.


October 27 2019 Turning of the Tide: Chants of Lock Him Up greet Trump at the ballgame

      Something to feel good about; Trump dares to show his treasonous face in public at a ballgame while the impeachment inquiry unravels the tangled knot of evils in which Giuliani and his foreign paymasters and victims of diplomatic blackmail are caught, and receives boos and chants of Lock Him Up from the crowd of American patriots.

     We have witnessed the Turning of the Tide, for this is the first public denunciation of Trump, possibly because it is among his few public appearances among a crowd not limited to handpicked supporters and patrolled by his thugs.

      May this chant originating in the heartland of America and among those who voted Trump into power signal a turning of the tides, and become an unstoppable force rejecting corruption, treason, fascism, and tyranny.   


October 26 2019 the secret our immigration policy conceals: migrant labor is slave labor

     As the brilliant investigative journalism by Tobias Jones and Ayo Awokoya in The Guardian reveals as a specific example of a general case, enormous sectors of the global economy require an invisible and exploitable pool of mass labor. People who can be buried where they die, controlled by illegal status and vilification, driven into debt servitude by predatory loans, fees, and wage fixing. In America white welfare is funded by Mexican labor, as workers pay the taxes on the bogus papers they are provided but cannot reap the benefits.

    Entire industries run on this system, including that of agriculture as described in the article about organized crime in Italy and the tomato industry powered by African migrant labor; the system looks little different regardless of the nation or objects of production. Slavery is pervasive, a parallel economy and world order to the one which exists on paper, unquestioned so long as we are inundated in material goods and can outsource the true costs of production. We are told; Don’t ask where the Soylent Green comes from.

    And this is what is missing from our immigration policy and its discussions; an accounting of true costs, of human misery and cruelty, and of the dehumanization of exclusionary citizenship, for I would argue that a partial nonvoting citizenship should extend to all persons who set foot on our soil for as long as they remain as the best guarantor of universal human rights.

     There is also a social and political cost to the flip side of this relationship, for the plutocrats who profit from this arrangement require partnership with politicians whose job is to create this mass labor force, and this has historically been the driving force behind the emergence of fascism and the loss of freedom and democracy.

     Our immigration policy today is one of ethnic cleansing and genocide, the demonization of the victims of the system to win votes by baiting fear and rage, characterized by state terror, concentration camps and the deportation of veterans of our armed services. Well may we ask the fate of the vanished children stolen from their parents; has Trump’s criminal cabal sold them as slaves, organ sources, sacrifices to demons? Are they now chained in underground brothels?

     But we must also question the system of migrant labor this dehumanizing and exploitative policy enables; who will do the hard and dirty work for the rest of us, and at what cost?

     Migrant labor is slave labor.     


October 25 2019 what the Clinton-Gabbard conflict reveals about the Democratic Party

The ghost at the banquet of failed policies, Hillary Clinton lashes out with delusional accusations against a younger female Democratic leader who herself hungers for wealth and power and who in attacking an icon of her own party rather than the plutocrats, fascists, and Gideonite fundamentalists of the Republicans perpetuates the structures of wealth and power which have brought humanity to the brink of extinction and global democracy to the edge of collapse, rather than seeking their transformation.

    That politicians focused on self-aggrandizement and winning at all costs should savage one another in seizures of power, and avoid the risk of confrontation with forces of reaction and conservatism which might threaten the trough at which they all feed, should surprise no one. Neither is this the subject of my thoughts today.

    Today I wish merely to call your attention to this sad incident as an example of the collaborationist nature of the Democratic Party’s power brokers, and of why it persists. Structures of wealth and power, the plutocracy and the patriarchy, are self-sustaining and like a whirlwind can devour oppositional forces by pulling them into its vortex.

     Nothing survives entrance into the maelstrom of wealth and power; strategies of appeasement and negotiation are doomed to failure. The great enemies of humanity can only be defeated by direct action, and only

when confronted as a system of relationships; we must decouple wealth and power by freeing our political system from the corrupting influence of money.

     I once kept a Gahan Wilson cartoon from the June 1979 issue of Omni in my wallet like a license for a secret identity, which depicted funny little devils chasing one another in a circle and was entitled, “One Damn Thing After Another”. I named them Avarice and Vanity; and of these metaphors constructed of my life an elaborate and secret game of revolutionary struggle. The object of this game is to free ourselves by breaking the causal cycle of wealth and power.


October 23 2019 prelude to a revolution: bread riots erupt in Chile as soldiers fire on protestors

     In the prelude to a revolution, bread riots erupt in Chile as soldiers fire on protestors. This is the cry of a distant alarm which signals a fire that may devour cities and nations, and calls each of us to awake.

     We must heed the warning that it bears not because the conditions in which it occurs mirror those in which the French and Russian Revolutions inevitably occurred, nor because events in distant Chile may multiply in scale and like a tsunami reach our shores in unstoppable waves of change; those are the positives.

     No, it is not in fear but in joy we rouse ourselves to action, to join together in common cause against our oppressors. For this is but the first of a systemic and global collapse of capitalism, whose most crucial warning sign is extreme poverty coupled with massive plutocratic wealth, and our common ground as human beings and citizens of a free society of equals must be to manage change as a humane and constructive process.

     We must resist the violence and brutal repression and social control of regimes of state terror, and the twin authoritarian threats of fascism and communism which would enslave us, and we must also resist the threat of a dying plutocratic capitalism taking the democracies of which they are parasites down with them into the abyss.    

     We must harken and awake to the opportunity of social transformation and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the struggle for liberty and equality wherever they may live.



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